Old Lahore

Wazir Khan Lahore

Top Ten Books On Lahore City

Lahore always has been a famous city. So we can not ignore some of the famous books on Lahore. The following¬†books are most reviewed books on historical condition of Lahore. Top Ten Books On Lahore City 1. City of Sin and Splendour: Writings on Lahore The ancient whore, the handmaiden of dimly remembered Hindu kings,…

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History Of Lahore

History of Lahore The recorded history of Lahore, the second largest city-district of Pakistan, covers thousands of years. Originally the capital and largest city of the Punjab region, it has since its creation changed hands from Hindu, Buddhist, Greek, Muslim, Sikh and British rule to becoming the cultural capital and the heart of modern-day Pakistan.…

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Lakshmi Chowk Lahore

The old Hindu city in Lahore

Old Hindu City In Lahore¬† Many historians agree that Lahore was founded by an ancient Hindu colony sometime between the first and seventh centuries, probably as early as the beginning of the second; that it soon rose to be a place of importance, the parent of other colonies, and eventually the capital of a powerful…

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