Youth Energetic Society

We Encourage Youth To Join Hands In Helping Others

Youth Energetic Society (YES)

It is actually depressing to see youngsters preferring games and leisure activities rather then spending the same time to help those in need. Youth Energetic Society provides chances and aims to encourage social work for the society specially for students and youngsters.

Youth Energetic Society of better known as YES was formed by a group of friends who had similar aims to help the society in ways suitable to them. YES was formed to act as a platform where actions could be taken to follow out social work.

YES is a charity and NGO which aims to spend on those who have been ignored by the masses. Our events focus on not only providing materialistic things to the needy but infact spending quality time with them bringing smiles on their faces. With such efforts the affected ones forget their past and problems for a couple of moments and instead enjoy the true meaning of life which is to be happy.

Our first event with YES was at SOS Village based in Lahore where thanks to our donors we managed to buy tons gifts and goodies for the children. The smiles on receiving the gifts and enjoying with Mickey Mouse brought relief momentarily for the young orphans.

Youth Energetic Society aims to work for those who are in minority and are often ignored when it comes to social work such as our elderly. YES collected donations from its honourable donors and head out to Old Age Home where time was spent with the elderly. Instead of interviews and heart breaking questions tea along with snacks were enjoyed, songs sung and interesting stories discussed leaving us with countless prayers.

YES also works on the project of Ramadan Rashan. Before the Holy Month of Ramadan we arrange basic household necessities and provide them to needy families. Alhamdurillah due to the trust of our donors we accommodate over 30 families providing them basic grocery items which help them enjoy the holy month without worrying about how they shall arrange goods to open and close their fasts.

Our energetic and young volunteers work day and night to eliminate the troubles and worries of as many in need as possible. Most of our donors prefer their identity to be hidden along with the work they want to get done thus we respect their decisions and perform their given tasks without spreading it on social media. Work such as sponsoring children for their education, providing small gifts such as shoes and most of all bringing smiles on the faces of the depressed are just a few things which our team tries to perform daily.

We are greatly thankful to our local and international donors who have trusted us and consider us to be capable enough to utilize their donations in the correct way. YES hopes to serve the community on a larger scale and perform social work as much as possible.

YES Works

Feed the Poor In Ramadan

YES always ready to help the poor in difficult time. We started the project 3 years before Feed the Poor in Ramadan with help of our donors.

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