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Exploring Walled City Of Lahore On Tongas
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Tonga Ride  Lahore

Tonga is a carriage pulled by horse and once used to be famous transport in South Asia. The importance of the tonga’s can not be denied in any era . Before the modern age the richest person the city use the tonga as their transport . Lahore is known by its culture and heritage and tonga ride is very old culture of Lahore . Adil Lahorei Cultural Club ( ALCC ) started the Tonga Ride Project first time in Lahore in 2008 . Adil Lahorei has conducted many tonga tours walled city of Lahore with its unique way . We have conducted the tours for various national and international companies like Netsol , Lafrage, UNO, Anand & Co , Nestle Pakistan , Zarc & Co, Bistro 201 , Pakistan Army , BBC uk , National Geographic etc . You can join our tonga ride as per your request .

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